Trends in Non Twelve Step Treatment Programs Skyrocket

For several decades, the 12-step plan has been utilized as the sole addiction solution thought to result in long-term recovery. This is primarily due to a lack of research and knowledge surrounding how to handle patients who suffer from addiction. General practitioners, counselors, and court judges continued to put their weight and support behind the 12-step plan because there were cases of success, even though there were far more unknown cases of failure.

However, non-twelve step treatment programs are becoming a more prevalent addiction solution as more medical professionals refute the validity of the 12-step plan for its lack of evidence. That’s where we see the first and largest trend in non-twelve step treatment programs.

●      Based in Evidence - The general public wants an addiction solution that has had statistically significant success and arises from scientific fact. Those facts may span several medical fields, from the psychological to physical. In other words, how do non-twelve step treatment programs make positive, quantifiable changes to emotional, psychological, and physical health?

Other trends recently seen in non-twelve step treatment programs include:

●      Outpatient Therapy - One-on-one cognitive or behavioral therapy is becoming an increasingly important factor in the success of addiction patients outside of a clinic. Therapy works to address mental conditions that might be a cause or aggravation to the addiction such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD. These medical factors were previously not discussed or treated in 12-step addiction solutions.

●      Life Skills Training - Patients addicted to a substance have often been detached from a normal lifestyle or lack the understanding about how to accomplish certain daily tasks. For instance, a drug addict may give up food and/or never learned how to give the body proper nutrition. Therefore, many non-twelve step drug treatment programs include outpatient classes for cooking, cleaning, job searching, and other valuable life skills that keep a recovered addict healthy and self-reliant.

●      Online Peer Groups - Support groups are not necessarily outdated. In fact, most medical professionals who debunk the 12-step plan agree that social interaction and peer support is an important factor in long-term recovery. However, a support group may simply be a group of recovering addicts who share a passion or hobby. Or, it might be in the form of an online forum such as Facebook, where peers at a distance can submit a daily uplifting post.

While no two non-twelve step treatment programs are the same, they are likely to include at least one of the core trends listed above. These types of support are trending for a reason: the fact that you can tailor them to a patient’s specific medical needs, goals, and personality.

Transform Your Yard Into A Tranquil Retreat

Transform Your Yard Into A Tranquil RetreatYour home is the place where you are able to really relax and unwind. Perhaps you’ve spent time carefully decorating the interior of your home, but are having some trouble deciding what to do with your outdoor space. With a little bit of planning and the right accent pieces, you can transform any outdoor space into a tranquil, relaxing retreat. Whether you have an acre of land or a small balcony, we have a few ideas to help you add some beautiful, natural touches.

Create Focal Points

When you’re planning out your landscaping, consider creating a few key points of interest in your yard. With one or more focal points, you will create a space that captures your attention as soon as you enter the space. One great way to do this is to arrange foliage and decor so that it creates a triangular shape. For example, place a bronze deer sculpture in a lush garden bed and frame it with a few plants that are slightly shorter than the sculpture. Then, create a few smaller triangles around your main focal point for an eye-catching display.


Create a Dramatic Entrance

Your outdoor experience begins the moment you enter your yard. A dramatic entrance does more than enhance your curb appeal, it can also set the tone for the rest of your space. A rustic garden gate can make your home seem even more welcoming. Consider planting a few climbing plants such as roses to add some natural beauty. Other accents, such as outdoor sculptures or unique plants, can create a similar effect.

Highlight Natural Features

The simplest way to create a calm, natural atmosphere is to showcase any natural features in your yard. Some well-placed garden decor can enhance the beauty of a water feature such as a pond or creek. If your home is more of an urban oasis than a rustic retreat, you can still add some natural beauty to your landscaping. A small fountain or an arrangement of plants and natural stones can transform the feeling of any outdoor space.


Ultimately, your outdoor space should reflect your personality, so don’t be afraid to get creative. If you are ready to revamp your space, but aren’t sure where to begin, Poor Man's Bronze has lot's of ideas to consider starting with one piece of decor. Find something that you truly love, and then create a space that is decorated around that piece. Doing this can make the process of designing a large space much less daunting!

Google Looks Beyond “Mobilegeddon” To User Experiences

SEO companies warned their clients for many years that mobile design was critical, and Google eventually responded with its infamous “Mobilegeddon” updates that were intended to favor websites that optimized their sites for mobile with responsive design. The latest news from Google promises new development tools that webmasters can use to make their sites work better when customers access them on mobile devices and smartphones where small screens can limit digital marketing options unless designers work hard to optimize their sites for mobile searches.[1]

Symptoms of a Larger Design Issue

Mobile development is critical for digital marketing and social media development, but it only illustrates the importance of an even larger issue — making websites user-friendly. An Adobe study conducted in July of 2015 found that sites without search engine optimization service for mobile lost an average of 12% of their traffic. The reasons for the drop-off could be due to customer dissatisfaction when accessing the sites from mobile devices or fewer clicks due to receiving lower Google, Bing and Yahoo rankings in organic searches.[2] The study also found that marketers pay up to 6% more in SEO service costs to persuade customers to click on a mobile link than it costs to get a desktop click. However, savvy marketers understand how essential it is to target mobile users, so they’ve willingly increased their budgets in North America and the Asian-Pacific countries by 8% or more.

Mobile marketing is important, but what the trend indicates is the underlying consumer demand for better Web or user experiences, which website developers usually abbreviate as UX or UI for user experience and user interface. UI and UX are the hottest Web development topics for the immediate future, and forward-thinking company marketers in both B2B and B2C organizations are working feverishly to design better user interfaces that deliver personalized experiences to each customer based on his or her demographic profile, buying habits, ordering history and other business intelligence.

Google and SEO Developers Concentrate on UI and UX

Delivering a better user experience often depends on little details like remembering a customer’s birthday, providing proactive alerts about the news that interests a customer or learning a customer’s browsing habits through enhanced “machine learning” capabilities. The future does support the convergence of UI and UX goals and SEO strategies. Web users can expect enhanced displays on their screens that display customer-specific content and other personalized features such as automatic geolocation, screen adjustments, voice-activated services, faster page loads and other attributes that deliver incredible Web experiences.


[2] “Digital Advertising Report”

NorCal Reaches the State of Oregon

Cargo containers are units especially designed to transport raw materials and products between locations, even internationally. They are reusable and their invention in the latter part of the twentieth century has dramatically reduced the cost of moving goods and trade safely and securely over long distances.

Uses for Shipping Containers
Industry experts estimate there are about 20 million shipping containers in the world. Most of the containers have been used to transport goods from one location to another. However, these versatile structures have found application in many other commercial and residential ways, such as storage units for:
• Construction equipment
• School and sport equipment
• Farm supplies and equipment
• Landscaping supplies
• Auto tools and supplies
• Theatrical supplies
• Medical equipment and supplies
• Household goods

Customers often have their own innovative uses for these durable units, including:
• Using a wind, fire, rain proof barn for hay on the farm
• Repurposing a cargo container as a beach house
• Setting up a temporary school room
• Using a cargo container to hold a backyard pool
• Redefining a container unit to serve as a kids playroom

About NorCal
NorCal shipping Containers is a family run company that cares about getting things done right. They have been in business for years and are well established in providing quality new and used Oregon cargo containers, as well as California and Nevada. The company works with each client to ensure they receive the unit that is most suitable for their needs.

These containers in both 20 foot and 40-foot lengths, in both standard and high cube heights. We meet your exact requirements by providing different grades of containers, from wind and water tight, to worthy and worthy plus, as well as IICL and the new "one trip" unit. All these vessels are thoroughly inspected for quality by NorCal because the goal of the company is to provide the best cargo container to the customer.

NorCal is focused on providing the best customer service. They have a reputation for getting the job done when they say they will. Rather than relying on an outside trucking company, NorCal owns its trucks and delivery trailers to ensure they are in control of delivery service. These are late model fuel efficient trucks, and the money they save is passed on to their customers.

The NorCal company is proud to offer the best pricing for quality new or used units in Oregon. Over the years they have developed superior relationships with suppliers. NorCal buys in bulk and pays its suppliers on time. The company continually strives to keep its overhead at a minimum. All these factors ensure that clients receive the best prices possible. As a result, NorCal receives frequent referrals from satisfied customers.

For the best containers Oregon has to offer, get in touch with NorCal. They have the best service and delivery record in the state. They focus on excellent customer service, and competitive prices.

How Can You Prepare To Start A California Business?

A good California business can change your life. It will give you the chance to work for yourself, to profit off of your own work, and to set your own hours. It will be the hardest thing that you have ever done in your life, and it might also be one of the most rewarding. If you are given the chance to run a business, you need to start by taking the right steps. You must always have a solid business plan in mind, and you must also make sure that you have relationships in place that will help you to support your business.

You should always start with a good plan. Not for what your business will be - anyone can do that - but for how your business will succeed. Is your idea totally new? If so, you need to figure out why no one has ever done it before. If your business isn't new, you need to figure out how you will stand out from the competition. Starting a business isn't just a matter of having a great idea, but rather the process of figuring out how to implement the business in a way that won't implode after a few weeks of operation. Your plan will always be subject to change, but it is still good to have it at the ready.

Next, you should make sure to have your support systems in place. Make sure to talk to an attorney to clear up any legal matters that may crop up, and engage the services of an accountant so that you can handle financial issues. Start making relationships with people in the advertising business, in real estate and in the local business community so that you have enough support to launch your business without having to deal with major issues on the first day. The more help you have, the better off you will be when you do finally open your doors.

Opening a new business in California can be a frightening and exciting prospect. You will definitely need to have a plan ready so that you can succeed, and the relationships that you make will often end up defining your success. If you take the time to really take your business seriously, you will not only be able to make a profit, but you will be able to open the sort of business of which you have always dreamed.