NorCal Reaches the State of Oregon

Cargo containers are units especially designed to transport raw materials and products between locations, even internationally. They are reusable and their invention in the latter part of the twentieth century has dramatically reduced the cost of moving goods and trade safely and securely over long distances.

Uses for Shipping Containers
Industry experts estimate there are about 20 million shipping containers in the world. Most of the containers have been used to transport goods from one location to another. However, these versatile structures have found application in many other commercial and residential ways, such as storage units for:
• Construction equipment
• School and sport equipment
• Farm supplies and equipment
• Landscaping supplies
• Auto tools and supplies
• Theatrical supplies
• Medical equipment and supplies
• Household goods

Customers often have their own innovative uses for these durable units, including:
• Using a wind, fire, rain proof barn for hay on the farm
• Repurposing a cargo container as a beach house
• Setting up a temporary school room
• Using a cargo container to hold a backyard pool
• Redefining a container unit to serve as a kids playroom

About NorCal
NorCal shipping Containers is a family run company that cares about getting things done right. They have been in business for years and are well established in providing quality new and used Oregon cargo containers, as well as California and Nevada. The company works with each client to ensure they receive the unit that is most suitable for their needs.

These containers in both 20 foot and 40-foot lengths, in both standard and high cube heights. We meet your exact requirements by providing different grades of containers, from wind and water tight, to worthy and worthy plus, as well as IICL and the new "one trip" unit. All these vessels are thoroughly inspected for quality by NorCal because the goal of the company is to provide the best cargo container to the customer.

NorCal is focused on providing the best customer service. They have a reputation for getting the job done when they say they will. Rather than relying on an outside trucking company, NorCal owns its trucks and delivery trailers to ensure they are in control of delivery service. These are late model fuel efficient trucks, and the money they save is passed on to their customers.

The NorCal company is proud to offer the best pricing for quality new or used units in Oregon. Over the years they have developed superior relationships with suppliers. NorCal buys in bulk and pays its suppliers on time. The company continually strives to keep its overhead at a minimum. All these factors ensure that clients receive the best prices possible. As a result, NorCal receives frequent referrals from satisfied customers.

For the best containers Oregon has to offer, get in touch with NorCal. They have the best service and delivery record in the state. They focus on excellent customer service, and competitive prices.